Living well – at work and elsewhere

Everyone needs help now and then when it comes to balancing professional and personal obligations. And we believe an employer should work with you whenever possible in managing life’s challenges.

We offer employees various benefits to help them get the most out their careers and the time they dedicate to other things they find important in life. For example, we provide employees courses on time management, so they can get the most out of each day. Employees can also enjoy various perks, such as gym discounts, in order to maintain good mental and physical health. We can even allow employees flexible working hours when unavoidable schedule conflicts arise.

These are just a few examples of how we support our employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Everyone at Benteler also knows they can approach their supervisors or the HR department to discuss any situation unique to their lives, if they feel that we can offer support.

Meet our people

Markus Forsch is an engineer who is originally from Germany and now currently working in Shreveport to help make the new site in Louisiana a success. Listen to his story and find out why BENTELER was right for him – it just might inspire you to be a part of our team. 

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