In 1980 we entered the North American automotive industry with a brand new plant focused solely on supporting our Automotive division. Since then we have increased our presence, by adding five locations – both in the North and the South – with our headquarters for these activities based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Today we continue to expand, and our most recent success story includes the opening of a brand new site in Shreveport. This plant in Northwest Louisiana is our first location in the US to focus on steel/tube production and is our headquarters for the Steel/Tube division. The clients of our new plant in this region not only include well-known names from the automotive industry, but also companies from the OCTG/line pipe, heat transfer, hydraulics/precision engineering and construction sectors.

In the US we are heavily focused on our Automotive and Steel/Tube divisions. Since we started in the US in the 80s, we have been able to pursue a steady expansion strategy, and we foresee continued growth throughout the country.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the success story our American sites have established, we want to hear from you. Simply browse through the job opportunities in the various regions.