The benefits of working at BENTELER

Once you join BENTELER, you will receive various benefits designed to support you both on the personal and professional levels.


We offer various insurance programs that allow you flexibility and choice when it comes to medical insurance, dental insurance and deductible scheme. Our HR departments are of course well versed in helping employees make the decisions that best fit their medical needs and financial goals.


We are committed to offering fair pay. Our salaries are commensurate to your job, and we have a systematic approach to ensuring that salary grades are properly assigned. Should you be a candidate for Salary Merit adjustments, we ensure you these sums are fairly calculated according to regional budget and performance indicators. In addition, our salaries and other financial rewards are very competitive according to current market standards.

Performance reviews

We feel it is important for our employees to receive honest, constructive feedback in order to grow. That is why we have annual Performance Assessments for employees at a certain job level, and the members of our management regularly take part in the Performance Talent Management (PTM) program. All of our performance assessment programs are geared at helping employees set reasonable yet ambitious goals, so they can reach their full potential.

Positive atmosphere

There are certain aspects that we believe are vital to establishing and maintaining a positive atmosphere at work. That is why we endorse a strict harassment policy, a zero tolerance attitude towards substance abuse and a commitment to being an Equal Opportunity Employer in every way.

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